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    Operation since 2002
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Our Company

Hosting Asia started out since 2002, we are an officially registered company in Singapore. Our mission is to provide superior quality service, fast and friendly support, and affordable pricing to businesses and individuals.

We are not a overselling web host

It has become a general trend in the industry for hosting companies to offer unfeasible amounts of storage and transfer in hopes of gaining customers on that notion alone. However, we promise to never allocate more resources than we have available! If we have 1000GB bandwidth available on a given server, our guarantee is to never lease more than 20 accounts with 50GB bandwidth allocated each. At other hosts you may find their hosting plans starting at 2500GB web space with 25TB bandwidth – that’s something simply doesn't occur here. Unlike many other hosts, we maintain a very low number of domains per server, allowing each domain to have access to a substantially higher number of resources.

Affordable Pricing, Fast, Friendly Support, Quality Service

There is no reason superior quality and fast, friendly service should come at a prohibitive cost. Our plans, loaded with generous hosting resources, start at just 7.95 SGD/mth, are all come with our quick and responsive support.

We begin with the end with mind, and that's you. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we created a service that's both easy to use, and reliable. We envision a point where you will no longer need to call us for support as your needs are satisfied.

Our team are all well trained to provide you with the kind of support that you would come to expect from our competitors. Each is well versed in their area of technology and has immense experience in the industry. This allow even novices to get online and into onto the Internet with ease.

In other words, as our customers, you take care of your business and we will take care of ours. We seek to become a hosting company that builds value for your business.

Owned hardware

We own all of our server hardware, switches and other infrastructure.

Unlike most hosting providers, we do not lease our equipment from anyone. Only the best enterprise-grade servers are in operation. By having no middle men it gives us a far greater degree of control over the hosting environment powering your websites allowing us to offer unsurpassed levels of reliability and performance.

Singapore datacenter

We operate our servers at Qala data center, located at Creative building, Singapore International Business Park, it utilizes some of the best networks and backbones in the asian market today. Some upstream Providers are Singtel, PCCW, ANC, MCI, Google, 1-Net and etc., these are leading providers of high performance, route-optimized bandwidth, offer exceptionally high-uptime SLAs and they have built their networks with extreme redundancy in mind. Furthermore, none of our providers use a simple "basic BGP" setup to select the "best" path.

(Originally quoted from Qala) QALA, IDC Services has built a mission critical Internet Data Centre to provide world-class hosting services. Providing the fastest and most reliable routing of traffic, it has multiple connections to major Internet backbone carriers with OC-3 and ATM connections using the BGP-4 routing protocol. The IDC Services Internet Data Centre is built with N+1 redundancy throughout, including multiple HVAC systems and redundant power. The backup diesel generators are tested every month to ensure they are functioning properly in the event of power grid failure. The Centre is also subjected to 24/7 live monitoring, CCTV, and a biometric access control system, 365 days a year.

(Last updated on Feb. 2006)